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Have you ever attended an interview where your fucking abilities were put into test by your interview panelists? You enter an interview room and after answering questions about yourself, you are told to draw out your cock for inspection. After a thorough inspection, you are given a blow job just to warm you up. Then, you are given a sweet pussy to eat and fuck and you earn marks depending on how well you do the job and whether you make her cum or not. These are the kinds of interviews that some guys are attending in the Czech Republic.

There are three horny Czech girls by the names Cynthia, Lisa and Celine. These chicks just want to have good times fucking well hung guys so they have come up with a fake talent search company where they are the panelists. Boys and girls who want to become pornstars apply for a job with them and they are invited for an interview where they are asked to show their fucking prowess by eating and banging the interviewers’ pussies and asses. At the end of it all, the interviewer enjoys herself and the interviewee goes home happy hoping to hear from the company soon.

These girls have fucked so many guys and girls in the city so far. There are about 89 encounters that have been recorded on digital cameras. The girls are still at it so you also get two weekly updates. There are no bonus sites though but the movies are quite long and can play for up to 50 minutes. There are 10 minutes clips that you can use to preview the movies before downloading.

Video viewing options are in plenty. There is an MP4 (852×480), which you can use with your mobile phone. There are WMVs and MOVs with specs of 1280×720 pixels and 1920×1080 pixels. The videos are crisp and looked fantastic on my screen. The speeds were good and the only complain was the download limit of 20 GB though it will only affect those who are on holiday and want to download the movies throughout the day.

Female Agent has a very unique and interesting idea unlike other casting couch sites where the interviewers are men. Here, girls do the interview and they make the boys fuck them good with the hope of getting hired.