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When you hear about a site called Ultimate Surrender, you start to think all kinds of kink bdsm stuff and you are right of course! When you hear that this site is one of many inside the Kink.com network, well then you just start preparing for a whole lot of alternative style hardcore. But the name itself is kind of misleading in a way, but only because of the kind of theme that this place brings. Someone will surrender of course, but before that, they are going to really try to be the ultimate winner. This pornsite uses wrestling with their own kind of infusion of ideas in it.

Two opponents meet on the wrestling match. They are sexy as hell, have one referee, and only one goal – To win! So the wrestling starts with all the traditional moves you would see in an Olympic level Greco wrestling match, with headlocks, flips, pinning opponents, control from the back, etc. It is clear that the opponents know the moves, and they are hard at work trying to dominate their big-breasted opponents. The rules are that in the wrestling match, points go to the wrestler who dominates, forcibly mouth kisses, finger fucks, fondles the pussy and breast of the opponents. So you see ladies forcing open the wrestler’s legs to put fingers in their asshole and pussy, among other techniques. Whomever looses, well they are in the receiving end of the full lust of the winner. They will have to submit their body to serious hardcore sex that is abusive and totally arousing for the fans.

The looser will have to suck the pussy of the winner, and make the winner cum. The loser will be slapped, taunted, spit on, and made to orgasm by the incredible strapon fucking from the winner. Wow! This is just scratching the surface of the videos that this pornsite brings! There are matches for one-on-one combat, tag teams also, and three way battles. It is very interesting that the ladies here really know the moves to wrestling and they really go after the win aggressive. As the match goes on, the ladies have to take off more clothing, eventually ending up naked, tossing each other over for dominant positions.

Ultimate Surrender wrestling and lesbian hardcore sex mixture is unique especially for new fans. The site also describes the bouts, build up the animosity between two fighters, just like a real wrestling match but with less seriousness and more kinky humor! Pics plus films are yours in each update. Pictures at 1200pixel are medium digital sized pics, and each album has several pics 100+. Videos are 40+ minutes, with you having a selection of 960 films, and pc or mobile device formats. Online player and downloads for resolutions of 720p are there too. There are preview clips.