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PureCFNM is the website that’s tasked with making sure they bring to the public scenes of exclusive content in the fetish that they make. What is the fetish? It deals with clothed females and naked males. This is a fetish of pleasure because it reverses the roles if you want to call it that. The women are in the exploitation chair you might say, as the men have to be naked and be sexually used by the ladies. In the scenes, the production studio promised original performances and authentic look on the set. This helps to make sure the videos do not take themselves too seriously with this stuff and leave room for fun.

The performers do some improvisation when the scenes get going and they are always laughing and having a merry old time! Some of the ladies seen laughing or drowning down a cocktail drink are perhaps tryna fight away the nervous feeling they have. See many people always assume that automatically when it comes to sex, men are on top and taking full control of everything. Nevertheless, in the cfnm genres, things are more positive on the ladies as they are the aggressors. And it’s not like in the kinky femdom bdsm type of thing, it just steps all the way close to that but does not become that.

Anyway, there’s a selection of different guys. In addition, the performers chosen for the scenes seem to be doing a genuine good job, as you will also at times laugh at how awkward the guys look being humiliated and such. Anyway, it’s the fantasy that is important. The women are not always 100% clothed always, and will be semi naked and show ass, boobs, pussy, and love sucking on the boy cock they get.

Pure CFNM makes tag\categories available for example – cock shock, ball busting, face sitting, femdom, groping, and job, humiliation, interracial, prostate, restrained, spanking, webcam, small cock; and in total its 44 different types of sub-genres in the cfnm world. The statement is also true that the site provides enough needed number of films. Movies made since 2005 means that the overall amounts are spread over some 23 indexed pages having around 20 previews of films so that equates to 460 promise videos. Thing is, updates too are done every Friday according to the information and picture gallery update too. So weeks will go by and you will have satisfaction of updates as you work on clearing the backlog.