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Only Opaques is a classy softcore site based in the UK. It features hot UK girls in striptease videos and photo shoots. The girls are hot and their hotness is magnified by the sexy attires that they wear during the filming and shooting. The attires include uniforms, stockings, nylons, pantyhose, bras, thongs and other lingerie. Many of them have long sporty legs that will satisfy all your fetish fantasies.

You will be introduced to the girls while they are fully clothed. They will tease you and then start taking off their clothes one after the other. In the end, you will be able to see their naked breasts and asses. Some will take off their bras and pants while others won’t. So, expect partial and full nudity in the videos and photos. And as I said, the site is very classy so the filming is done in classy flats, bedrooms, offices, studios and such kind of places that make the scenes even more pleasing to the eyes.

Just like in any other classy softcore site, we expect very high quality and that is exactly what we get here. There are HD options of up to 720p with displays of 1280×720 pixels and bitrates of over 6000K. But in case of slower internet connection or in case you want to use your mobile, you will see some other standard resolution options that you can make use of. Pictures also come in multiple resolution options with the best having specs of about 2000×3000 pixels.

Only Opaques has a very huge library of content and they continue uploading more on a daily basis. So far, there are over 680 videos and more than 250,000 pictures that members can enjoy. The videos are average in length as expected from a softcore teasing site. Photo galleries are huge though, with an average of 150 pictures each.

The members’ area looks gorgeous and has plenty of filtering tools to help you through. There is a search engine as well to help you with specific searches. Even though I did not see any huge discounts on offer, you are allowed to upgrade to an all-access membership which will allows you to access all sites in the Only All Sites network.

Punish Teens Discount

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There are many teen sites out there but many of them do the same boring stuffs that you have watched over and over again. For a hardcore fan of teenage babes, it would be exciting to find a site that offers a completely different experience. And that site is definitely Punish Teens which provides an exciting BDSM twist to their rock hard fucking movies.

You find very young innocent-looking girls getting tied up, spanked, disciplined and fucked without mercy. There are those who appear to be losing their virginity while others seem to be having their first anal experience here judging by their faces. The boys that they encounter are well hung with extraordinary dicks that are meant to punish these young ones.

As you know, you girls rarely like volunteering to do something nasty but they love when you tie them up and fuck them hard thus they can blame everything on you so that they remain with a clean conscience. These girls want us to believe that they are being punished but deep inside their hearts they know that they love the experience of having huge dicks squeezed through their tight horny pussies. You will even hear some of them complaining that the cock is too huge or it’s inside the wrong hole but before long, they are groaning with pleasure.

There are few sites out there that are giving this kind of experience to teenage chicks and I am happy that Punish Teens has taken the BDSM and bondage route. But the site is still small with about 42+ videos so far. These should last you at least a month since they are long and updates seems to have resumed after a long break. You can stream or download these movies using various resolution formats provided including the Full HD MP4 format. The pictures look great as well and are available in zip files for browsing online or saving.

I really loved the extreme teenage fucking that I found here. The girls are young and hotter than the sun. They are tied up, spanked and fucked in the ass, pussy and throat without any mercy. The quality of the videos is great and includes a full HD MP4 file for those who are very keen on quality. The videos also follow some interesting fantasy stories that will definitely turn you on.

Adult Empire Discount

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Now that the governments of the world have become democratic these days, you have very slim chances of becoming a king or ruling any empire. But with the Adult Empire, you are being given the opportunity to enjoy unlimited amounts of porn like a royalty.

As you move around your adult empire, you will come across great beauties in over 44,249 full length DVDs with multiple high quality scenes. The total amount of scenes is in excess of 191,465. And the good thing is that their DVDs are a unique collection from the top porn studios in the US and beyond. That is to say that the girls that you will be seeing are varied in shapes and sizes, backgrounds as well as citizenship. There are babes with small perky breasts and others with monster and sagging ones. There are tight asses as well as huge bubbling butts. There are young tight pussies and wet mature pussies to enjoy here.

The same case applies to the action which includes masturbation, hot lesbian action, hardcore penetrations with huge cocks and toys, anal and pussy pounding, amazing facials and hot cumshots and any other niche and category that you may think of including gay. If you are the doubting Thomas, check out the site and see just how many options you get even from their extensive menu located at the tour page.

Despite having so much content, these guys understand that we are always excited to see some bonuses as well and that is why they have provided huge bonuses too. As a member of Adult DVD Empire, there are two huge networks that you can also access free of charge if you get the time. These are the Pornstar Empire and the Gay DVD Empire for those with that kind of sexual orientation. The only challenge here would be the lack of download options since all these flicks can only be streamed online. Otherwise, everything else looks superb from the easy browsing experience to the plenty of viewing formats and quality settings. You can get anything from standard to HD to the true life 4K HD.

Naughty America VR Discount

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This is another new production from the folks at Naughty America. As you know, many people nowadays prefer to watch movies in 3D since it provides a more immersive experience. It makes you feel as though you are in the same room or location with the movie stars. You feel like you are one of the characters actually. That’s why a person watching a movie in virtual reality can really kick your ass if you try to disrupt them from the experience.

Naughty America VR has decided to start applying the same technology in their porn movies. I think it’s a huge step forward which will actually change the way guys enjoy porn. Their virtual reality movies enable you to feel like their girls are there with you in the room talking to you, giggling, bringing their pussies into your eyes, sucking your dick and spreading their legs for your rock hard cock. It’s like POV on another higher level. When a girl is facing you, look around her to see her ass just like you would do in reality.

There are many technology companies that are producing head gears that you can use to view the VR movies. And while making your choice, don’t forget to check out the simple gear that this site is offering for just $15.You can make your older from the site and you will also be provided with a manual on how to use it.

There are 46 VR movies that you can enjoy in this site currently. And as you know, this technology is new in porn and that is why they don’t have a lot in their archives. But with regular updates, you will have more than enough very soon. Additionally, you will also be able to access all the sites from the parent network so it’s not like you find yourself idling when you are through with the virtual reality videos. With the other 2D videos in the network, you can expect great HD quality as always including 4K and 1080p HD.

Club Seventeen Discount

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Are you much interested in watching sweet plus seventeen years girls in hardcore sex actions? Then you need to be with the expert in this niche and I mean you have to join Club Seventeen to achieve your fantasy. This site is one of the largest young adult sites in the world and has some of the hottest legal babes as models. The atmosphere is always tense here and the moment calls for proper preparation in order not to get caught unaware. These girls are relatively young and inexperienced – which is evidence of course. But they are highly determined to taste every sweetness of sexual fantasy in style.

Fucking huge cork might look too much for these girls and of course it is but do not bother, they love it and enjoy every moment. However, what makes here authentic is that most of these girls are doing all these nasty things in front of the camera for the first time. Yep, some are even having their first ever anal fuck and fortunately, members of Club Seventeen will be among the first fans to witness this nervous moment.

The site is perfectly done to tolerate easy browsing for every user. The design is beautifully done as well and permits fast search particularly with advanced navigation system. And by showing the world what they are capable of doing, these folks claim to add more than 24 newly produced scenes every week and regularly search for the best legal teen models Europe could offer. I labeled this site as one of the best in this niche but the tour page thinks otherwise – it simply and clearly claims to be the best.

Well, I think we are both on the same path after all; we are talking about being the best. However, they are right in their claim going by exclusivity of the content, the hot hardcore scenes produced and the huge collection of videos in the library. According to the site stats, there are 3,245 stunning models recruited from all over Europe and presently doing business with the company. Moreover, there are over 4,827 full length scenes that members can download or stream unlimitedly while more scenes are added multiple times a day.

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Followers of gang bang actions cannot get more than what HardcoreGangBang offers anywhere on the web and this also implies to the class of girls they have as models. This site is a leading gang-fuck platform where horny babes are getting so nasty and biting more than they can chew. The hardcore actions presented by this site are fast, tough and breathtaking while the girls are equally up to this task in sharing their sexual prowess with internet users.

Group sex actions are not presented by feeble-minded but those that have the determination and the know-how. And while large numbers of hardcore fans search regularly for adult websites that have the resources to bring out the best in this niche, this site has come a long way to make it real and exciting. In fact, they have one of the toughest gang bang actions in the world while members will also enjoy partnering with them.

Approximately, more than 218+ high definition quality video scenes are up to be downloaded in multiple formats or streamed in embedded flash media without limitation. Join Hardcore GangBang today and get full access to watch highly tense group sex scenes in which more than 5, 6 or 7 men fuck a single girl and not just like that but aggressively, too. These scenes might look unrealistic and too unfair to you as a viewer, but never mind – the girls want it and in fact, they love it that way.

Your membership also gives unlimited access to download more than 65,400 hi-res in Zip Files and on compatible devices while daily updates make the content get much bigger with more models regularly brought on set. You will also enjoy exclusive content and original reality group sex which often begins with multiple cork sucking and ends with lots of sperm dripping all over the girl’s body after the men had taken turn to fuck her pussy and ass without mercy.

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Adorable women can be found on HD Love and not only they are presented to be cherished and admired, subscribers to this site will also enjoy watching them going to the extreme in hardcore sex. These are beautiful babes with great passion to fuck all the way to viewers’ heart and the company is proud to bring every action to our view in the excellent quality ever. Launched in 2012 and ever since then been living up to the promises made to numerous porn fans.

Consequently, this video porn company is meeting up to the task and expectation of its members but still promises to extend its good services to wider area of hardcore sex production. It is all fun and excitement at HDLove and the models are very good at what they do; cork sucking, cork riding, anal sex, straight fuck, threesomes and lots more. Initially, I was not very sure when I saw a claim by the site to have the most beautiful girls in the world in their model collection.

This claim persuaded me to get into the site deeply and see what they are trying to establish and wow…the girls are indeed beauty goddesses perhaps brought from another planet. However, I thought that their beauty alone cannot give what fans of hardcore fantasy really want to see but their skills can do the magic. It was splendid watching the babes holding on to huge cork and giving it the deepest sucking I ever see. That being said, they ride gallantly on cork and give out every hole of their body to be fucked.

Hats off to producer of HD Love for giving hardcore movie business a redefined meaning and featuring amazing babes who are professionals in their respective capacity. They also make watching more exciting by using the best available materials to produce the best quality 1080p HD scenes and super clear hi-res pictures. Though the quantity of the scenes is still not as big as you might expect from such an advanced adult site but with the promises made by the owners, more scenes are being added and much more are on the way.

In the meantime, 58 HD videos are already on ground to be downloaded in multiple formats or streamed online in embedded flash media player. The photo collection has over 485 pictures in each of the 58 sets and all can be saved unlimited on compatible devices.

xxxPawn Discount

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I like to watch meaningful hardcore scenes that have understandable storyline instead of scenes that starts with straight-away fuck, just like that. Though this is my preference and I have the belief that many hardcore fans will share the same reason with me. I think it makes a lot of sense to start off a hardcore movie with footage and what about a girl who needed money desperately and approaches a pawn shop-keeper with her unused items hoping to exchange them for wads of dollars. This is XXXPawn, an adult website that does no other thing than to give fans of hardcore actions the best they have ever seen.

This is where it happens and there is lots of fun-fill actions right in the backroom of a pawn shop-man. These girls come to the guy with intention to get some cash to foot urgent bills but our man has different thing in his mind-he just want to fuck, no matter what it will cost him. Coming from the stable of a popular hardcore network, Bang Bros Network, XXX Pawn is a neatly designed website having easy navigation system. Though it is a new site from the company and operates separately with unique theme but following in the excellent work of other sites in this network.

The babes are gorgeous and looking too hot for the pawn storekeeper to ignore and unfortunate for the girls, the items they brought to the guy are less-valued or stolen goods. This is where the shopkeeper takes advantage of the desirable girls to lure them into quick sex so as to get the money they want. Well, this guy looks good to me for helping the girls out financially but he enjoys every hardcore fantasy such as blowjobs, anal sex and ejaculating all over his victims.

Here is still very new so you won’t get big content at the moment, meanwhile things are getting on fine constantly and we hope to see great result at the end of the day. But notwithstanding, the 55 HD scenes found in the video collection are some of the hottest hardcore movies you will surely like to keep for yourself. These videos are available to be downloaded and streamed by members while they promise to add new films on regular basis.

Team Skeet Discount

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If you love fresh and young 18 year old pussies, Team Skeet is what you need. It is probably the largest network which offers purely 18 and 19 year old girls in all kinds of sweet sex action. The network comprise of different sites that pursue different sexual fantasies. For instance Exxxtra Small features very tiny chicks getting their tight pussies penetrated by huge dicks. Innocent High features a school setting where girls fuck their teachers and even the principal in order to pass their exams. Teens Love Anal shows you girls who are eager to try anal sex for the first time. Other fantasy based sites that you will get in this network include Teens Love Money, Titty Attack; Rub a Teen, Step Siblings, Her Freshman Year and so many others.

Expect to see over 1300 hot girls taking part in the sweet sex action. And as mentioned earlier, the network is the biggest that I have seen in this category so far. There are over 1,682+ movies in the library and more are added daily across the network. But not all the sites updates regularly. Many of the older network sites have slowed down but the newer ones are very active. Every episode come with a set of pictures, so there are lots of images to enjoy as well.

Quality is extremely high with all the newer scenes having a 1080p HD quality. The MP4 (1920×1080; 11mbps) looks amazing but you can also choose to use other lower resolution options if you like. The videos are also optimized for mobile devices so you can also view them when you are on the move. As for the pictures, many of the galleries carry up to 100 images which normally open up in resolutions of about 1350×900 pixels.

Browsing the site is very enjoyable. You can browse the whole network in one place or visit the individual sites. There is a menu which offers you various options like scenes, girls and sites. When you are at the scenes, you will find that you can browse then by top rated, most recent, most viewed, most favorited, update title and girl’s name. If you want to view all their 1300+ girls, you can use the model index.

VixenX Discount

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VixenX is one of the high quality hardcore sites that are less known by porn viewers. This is mostly because the folks behind the site do little in marketing the site. In fact, the tour page of the site gives you little information about what you should expect from the site. However, when you get into the members area, you feel like you just discovered a hidden treasure.

The homepage gives you simple navigation tools that are easy to use. The top menu gives you link to all updates, channels, models, live cams, promos and favorites. There are search boxes that allow you to search the materials by category or the models by their names. And looking at the models that the site has contracted, I am impressed to see that many popular girls are starring in the videos. I can also see some new models and amateurs in the mix as well. The content is presented in thumbnails that show you what to expect once you start viewing the videos. I could see gorgeous asses being displayed and pussies being spread. A good number of scenes also showed girls jerking and sucking cocks. Cum shots and hardcore fucking in the pussy seemed to be the ultimate experience sought by the models and the boys.

Looking at the statistics, I estimated about 111 movies and photo galleries that members can expect to access. I also noted that a site called Property Sex was also included in the installment. Having reviewed the site before, I can assure you that you will get many more exciting movies featuring property sales agents being screwed by real estate investors in their bid to close multi million dollar deals.

You can use a Flash player to stream movies onsite or you can go for downloading in which case you will get different formats and different resolution options to make use of. The best of these offers you specs of up to 1920×1080 pixels which is fantastic.

I think hardcore porn fans will be excited to see what is on the offing in this brilliant installment called VixenX. Even thought the site is not very aggressive in marketing their content, they have great hardcore sex scenes and their girls are hotter than fire.