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Naked News is a different entrant into the porn business because of the method of delivery that they have chosen for themselves. You see the website has all kinds of news concerning all kinds of things. What is different about them is that they have reporters who nakedly tell you the truth about the news! They are literally naked when they are interviewing and talking to people. In the site, you will find the options for today’s show, blog, anchors, archives, live cams, and online store. These will be your first features as you peel into this website.

One main thing that this place is focused on is not having any kinds of hardcore sex scenes. That is not the MO of this place, but having lots of news to report is. In the delivery of news, some of the anchors will start with a fully clothed or semi clothed body and work on losing all their garments. Others will already be nude for you to look at as you soak in the information that they give. Others are wearing sexy lingerie that keeps you looking at them all the time. Either way you will be more attentive and aroused by the news than you have ever been so far.

NakedNews, as a website, is a navigational heaven for those looking for smart layout and plenty of links to click on. First, they are linked to all social networks like facebook, twitter, instagram, and they keep a constant stream of information flowing in this site. If you miss any news for the past couple of days, you can check that out in the archives inside the site. There is always some current news happening so you have lots of information to go through. You will find anything in length from a few minutes like 3-6. In each update are the linked and hyper links to take you to various places of interests that includes celeb news, video games, AVN awards, behind scenes, interviews, etc. They have been working on adding more anchors and you can see them inside the anchor link. Information about the anchor babes includes bio and her linked pictures. The pictures on display are digitally awesome and large and offer quality pixels and can be downloaded in zip files. You also have the choice for single picture downloading.

They have many videos to be seen and they cut them into segments depending on the topics being discussed. They do news on business, lifestyles, fashion, latest current events, food and entertainment, pop culture; basically, they will do news on everything you can possibly think of. You can easily stream the films or save them and they have nice variety of presenters to look at including ebony, Asian, Caucasian babes. The anchors’ have different bodies, tattoos, slim, big and small boobs, etc.