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If you want to enjoy summer in a different way, visit Mother Russia and look for young college-aged chicks. These girls are warm and they don’t know about the cold war. So, if you have the money to spend and you use the right vibe, they can take you places. Visit beaches, go for walks in the parks, climb hills and go for some adventures into the forests. And while you are climbing hills and walking in the forest, there are two things that you will find in plenty (used CDs and Bottles of Beer). And that is when you will realize that you are in a world of pleasure.

Anyway, if you can’t afford the air ticket, MPL Studios will take you there. These guys are in the business of shooting sexy photos of teenage girls from Russian cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as other European cities like Prague and Budapest. Their girls look so young and sexy and they are captured doing arousing stuffs like bending over to show us their buttocks, spreading their legs to expose their pussies, masturbating and doing some light lesbian stuff. The shots are taken in beautiful environments like in the beaches, in the wild or indoors.

Photos are their main interests here so they add a brand new set six days a week. There are videos too but they come less often than the photos. The materials are dividend into pictures and video sections. The pictures section is further subdivided into two categories namely: Art Studio and Studio Girl Vision. The former showcase chicks posing and exposing their lovely bodies, pussies and buttocks while the latter partitions its content depending on the background of the girls featured. There is a section with girls from Russia, another with girls from Budapest and a third one with girls from Prague. You can compare these girls and see which city offers the best.

When you go to the videos section, you get materials listed into three categories. One of them is the Russian Studio Girls Series which has 25 videos of girls pleasuring themselves. There is another category called Masturbation Series and another one called Modern Life Series. With all these series at your disposal, there is no way you will get bored as a member of here.