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The webpage ‘‘I Know That Girl’’ contains the xxx videos that are clothed in filthy niches of hardcore. The plot synopsis of this place is that ex-lovers and ex-boyfriends submitted content of their girlfriends/lovers to this pornsite. The content is naked explicit videos of the babes doing things like bjs, anal, facials, squirting, and so forth. The website insists that the babes are amateurs and are real people and not professional pornstars. If all this is true, you can bet that the ladies exposed in this pornsite are angry as hell considering the salacious things they are doing in the videos.

Anyway, that is the fantasy that is being sold by this pornsite. Because truly, when you investigate on some of the videos inside, you will begin seeing the videos are not completely amateurish. In fact, they look very well done by professionals behind the scenes. Therefore, you can chose to believe that the girlfriends were indeed betrayed or you can watch the nasty hardcore; either way you will find yourself getting very horny and ready to bust! The performers put on a show when it comes to selling you the idea of the videos. They are not bad actors and some are talented at this, and some are pornstar models as pointed out by some of the older members inside. Of course, many of these girls have a future as pornstars if they want.

The videos have been made with a number of camera styles that also suit the amateur theme the website is aiming for. Therefore, you will have handheld pov scenes, close-ups, and wide shots. ‘I Know That Girl’ is made up of more than four hundred and ninety two films. A normal membership means you access the zip files with digital pictures; there are hundreds of them inside. Normal membership means you can stream, does not mean you have access to film downloads. If you cannot stay without downloading films, you should get the add-on VIP feature at an additional fee, and then you can download full films in HD resolution. You will also be able to tippy toe right into the ‘Mofos Vault’ that houses thousands of films, maybe not exclusive films but hey, it is a bonus that brings in so many more movies.

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