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Gasm is a pretty odd name for a porn site. Wait, it is not so odd. After all, that’s how the word orgasm ends. This site promises you handpicked porn videos from some of the biggest studios on the planet and duly delivers. There are hundreds of videos that you can stream and download in Full HD. The membership is not that costly you can use tokens to buy more goodies. The collection is big enough although the lack of dates makes it difficult to tell if they are indeed adding new videos.

If the first time you saw the site name you thought about orgasms, congratulations on making an intelligent guess. I actually thought it was a site adverting gas products. Well, that’s a lie; I’m not that dumb and you know it. I can sniff a porn site from a million miles. First of all, you can expect to see plenty of hot girls having orgasms, but that’s not the main focus. This is a site that offers you premium content on pay per view basis. They allow you to pay a monthly fee, and then pick the videos you want, pay for them using tokens, and create your own playlist. The productions are from some of the biggest studios so you will be spoilt for choice.

Once you grab a membership, you get access to 98 free videos. They used to offer you 79 videos with the membership but decided you deserve better. To unlock the other videos, you will have to pay 10 to 25 tokens per video. All the videos you will unlock come with a stream and download option and it loads on your profile so you can easily access them.

When it comes to the token packages, you can pick from multiple options depending on the depth of your pockets. Needless to say, the one that seems the most expensive will ultimately offer you the best bang for your buck. This will offer you a scene for $2-$5. You can also purchase photosets if you prefer a quick fap. But why you would prefer to buy photosets when you have such fap-worthy videos is puzzling. But hey, no one is here to judge. Pick your fucking poison. You can access all this magical fap content from your mobile devices as well. The site has also provided you with good browsing options to make it easier for you to locate your favorite content. provides you with a great collection of porn. The arrangement is such that everyone gets to fap to the content that their fap demon desires. There is everything for anyone from soft-core to hardcore to the absolute extreme. The collection comes from the biggest studios and is therefore available in high quality. If PPV works for you, then you will love this arrangement.